& so it begins..

This year has been a doozy! It is hard to believe the world we are living in & the choices that parents are now having to make.

For us, since March we have been trying to answer questions regarding our children’s education. Public Schools closed & we were forced in to a virtual option. But due to our location, appropriate internet access to keep up with a digital education was not feasible.

At that time I strummed through pinterest searching for free printables or any other resources I could get my hands on to supplement education. I started keeping a folder of completed work and turning it in instead of doing the online option.

We started incorporating more reading and hands on experiences while learning how to navigate between homestead life & actual school.

Taking control of our home studies was top priority! & it opened up a door that I honestly never saw coming…


A little bit of panic & a whole lot inspiration flooded through me. How am I going to homeschool 3 kids, of 3 different ages, without spending the whole day on studies and allowing them to simply be kids too.

I fortunately have the ability to work from home while being a homemaker, but adding a full school to the schuledule definitely adds a whole new responsibility! Especially when the responsibility is my children’s education.

So as I begin this new journey, I feel like it needs to be shared. Our victories & obstacles, and all the learning in between!

Join me – Jo & my 3 kiddos while we make a huge lifestyle change to our homestead life.

I will be creating a space for not only my content & curriculum shares, but printables, resources, clips & video links + fun craft projects for each of our subjects!

Make sure to check out our Homestead Blog too for updates about animals, food preservation, homestead upgrades, recipes & daily life!


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