My new favorite tool in teaching my 3 children cohesively & per their level. I use an interactive notebook for every single subject!


To put it simply.. it is like scrap booking & note taking all wrapped in to one single subject notebook.

It is a note taking tool for better memory recall while also being a reference tool for kids to use over and over again!

Kids can take notes, do their work pages, and learn all material for the chapters & vocabulary… while also BUILDING their own study tools creatively.
That is exactly what they are designed to do!

Bring back Independent creativity in a homeschool setting.

It makes the entire learning experience interactive. If we went over it while learning, ITS IN THE NOTEBOOK and the kids can go back and review any page at anytime!


Supplies needed:
• Spiral bound or composition notebook
• Scissors
• Glue
• Pencils, markers, crayons
• Colored cardstock
• White cardstock
• White and colored printer paper.
• Storage for pre cut shapes

I like to hit certain unit goals. So this is my building block for the entire notebook.
Every notebook is laid out generally the same…

Each notebook should be labeled with the subject & student name

Each notebook should have a pocket glued to the inside cover. This is for scraps or unfinished work.

Review chapter questions written on blank tabs and flaps. I like to pre make these weekly. I use the shapes and just write the review question already on the tab. The kids cut out the tabs and glue one day, and answer 1-2 questions each day that follows. You could absolutely just print blank ones and have the kids write the question on them.

Vocabulary words on blank tabs and flaps. I print and cut a bunch of blank templates. That way when we are learning the vocabulary words the kids are just grabbing, writing & glueing. They get full choice when doing this part! The write the word on the front and meaning on the back

Work pages & printables. If it can be cut up and glued to the notebook, it is! Our goal is 1 new page a day. I design them, or copy work book pages or use printables and have the kids cut, glue and answer. This just brings some pizazz to workbook pages! We use interactive maps, mazes, accordion timelines ANYTHING fun to keep track of our notes.

Review questions – vocabulary – work book pages – repeat for each chapter per each subject.

Each notebook goal is the same across all subjects. So the kids can do many things independently and can get help where needed.
It gives me a good landing page to track everyone’s progress.

I always have a notebook made for that week myself too! So they can use it as a reference or inspiration for their own! Basically it just shows how the finished projects should go together.
If I can’t make my own page, I make it while the kids are making theirs and we do it together.

Thats it!
Once you get in to the groove of Interactive notebooks, it becomes second nature and runs smoothly.


I find pre cutting smaller shapes and tabs for the younger kids helps a ton and speeds up the process so its more about the glue and answer! Especially for things like site words and vocabulary!

I use colored or white cardstock for most of my printables. This ensures durability so they can be used and referenced over and over.
If a page rips, no biggie! Just glue it back in on to another page.

I also LOVE my laminating machine for flashcards & games that are stored in the INB.
I use cardstock to print and make envelopes and then laminate the smaller cards that go inside it! Its great for storing memory games and flashcards right in their notebook!

I plan my week by using paperclips and file folders to hold the papers for their Interactive notebooks. Each subject is divided off in to what units we study weekly & what pages go with that unit.

The weekends and evening time is the time for me to prep as much as I can for the next weeks lesson. But once you have your curriculum mapped out, the notebooks end up falling together easy peasy!


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