Homeschool supplies

Are you wondering what supplies you need for homeschooling?
Although some supplies will vary depending on what curriculum you are using, and some suppies are similar to a public school list, I find that many extra things came along the way that were an AHA moment to help with homeschooling.
Things you don’t think about until you realize your kids are bored and you need a new way to teach the subject!

When to Buy Homeschool Supplies

Buy your curriculum early (late spring/early summer) make sure to check out conventions, yard sales and flea markets too! The earlier in the season, the better the deals and faster the shipping!
Most curriculums will take 6 weeks to ship if you wait til the Fall to order due to high volume.

Buy supplies like crayons, notebooks, etc. in early September when stores clearance out  the back to school supplies and you’ll save 5o-90%
Stock up on resources that you will go through quickly when they discount and you will save a ton!

Buy learning games and manipulatives as you need them or when you find them on sale.. We buy most of ours on Amazon. But I also love checking out yardage sites for used books, games and puzzles.
Dollar stores are great for storage items & classroom additions.
Discount stores are also a great place to find gently used items, and when the kids outgrow them, you can always donate or sell them.

Homeschool School Supplies ULTIMATE LIST

I highly suggest shopping around for the best deals! But I’ve provided some links for easy access as well. I am not affiliated with any of these companies and am simply sharing some good links I have found

Bible. I use my own study Bible for reference, but love using children’s Bible story books for the pictures!
Children’s illustrated bible

Multiple Bible story books for easy readers

US Wall Map and World Wall Map which were a part of our fun poster set

Planner. I use this free one for homeschool planning and brainstorming as well as tracking attendance.

I also adore customizable planners for keeping track of the whole family!

3 Hole Punch. Make sure it is adjustable!
I found mine at the IU restore (local college used store) for like .50 and it is AMAZING!
This is also where I find things like binders, file folders, paper organizers, clipboards etc. They usually do a monthly 50% off sale too!

You can also buy one on Amazon for like $10

Laminator. This is one of my favorite tools!
I highly recommend a 12″ laminating width so you can do any and all projects.
For home use, I find the 3 mil thick laminating sheets work just fine.

Dry Erase Markers. I like cheap variety packs for my preschooler, but its hard to beat a good EXPO dry erase marker.–EpFb7VAMCZE

Personal size dry erase boards (we use these for solving math equations, spelling tests, games and lots of other things!)
I found double sided (blank & ruled) at the dollar tree. But this year I ordered this 3 pack from Amazon

Pencil sharpener (trust me you’ll be glad you aren’t using a small hand one!) This was a super fun purchase! Although I am sure an electric one is much faster.. there was something nostalgic about a wall mount sharpener for me.

Kids Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Stapler & staples.

Scissors. As a mom, I adore fiskars for paper for myself.
However for the kids, a big bucket of assorted colors was our homeschool choice!

Ruler. Dollar tree for sure!

Tape Dispenser & tape.

Paper Clips. You can buy thousands for super cheap anywhere!

Sticky Notes (to keep our place in text books, jot quick notes, etc.)

Index cards (whole & cut in half) I use these just like sticky notes and paper clip for labeling.

Pencils (lots!)

Good Eraser (the ones on the back of pencils just don’t cut it)

Crayons, markers, colored pencils. Each in its own shareable bucket.
Stock up on sales! I buy metal buckets from dollar tree to hold everything.

Flashcards – Target dollar section, dollar tree or I love using free printables and then cutting & laminating myself.

Glue. I recommend a bulk pack! We use A LOT of glue!

Notebooks. The Walmart college ruled notebooks work great! Remember to stock up when school supplies go on sale. These are a must have for our INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS! Check out my post about Interactive notebooks!

Workboxes. I use collapsible totes to hold each of the kids notebooks and dry erase boards.

Lined paper for writing or get complete writing work books.
I really love this set

2 pocket folders. An assorted pack.

Colored cardstock

White cardstock

White printer paper (we buy the case at office depot)

Construction paper assortment

Scrapbooking 12 × 12 paper assortment – you can find books of paper at Michaels and tbey usually always have some type of discount or deal on them!

Elmer’s glue

Velcro dots for Interactive notebooks and misc use.
I like these because they are strong enough to hold calended pieces and cut outs to the wall..

Hanging and file folders.
I buy these by the box from the IU surplus store. Which is the local college used store.
However office depot usually has decent prices for both.

Hanging folder storage. I like the $5 crates from Walmart. But I also purchased a used file cabinet for extra storage as well.

.99 cent shoe storage boxes. At any major Homeschool Supplies these are usually under $2

Assortment of easy reader books & Chapter books. Check out for some good deals on book sets.
I love to shop yard sales & mercari for bulk and used books as well. We have a good assortment of easy readers and chapter books. Plus learning and education books like kids encyclopedia and history books.

Assorted crafting items like poms poms, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, googly eyes etc)
Washable paint & brushes

Wall clock

Standing magnetic whiteboard/ dry erase board. We LOVE ours. Its probably the most used thing in our whole homeschool. Every morning my husband likes to draw a picture or leave notes too before work!

Favorite Homeschool Extras

I love having some fun, educational games and hands on learning manipulatives to supplement their education and make school FUN! Here are a few of our favorite homeschool items.

Hands on manipulative set for time, money, calender, writing, and math. I laminated the cards for lasting durability! My kids play with these sets all the time!

Math U See manipulative kits & curriculum- you can also purchase just the extra blocks online for multiple kiddos. There are many free printables for work pages using the blocks too

Microscope. We found ours at Menards 🤷‍♀️

Building Sets (Lego, K’nex, tinker toys, Magnatiles, Lincoln logs, blocks)
You can find bags full of used sets from places like once upon a child and mercari or keep a look out on deals for new sets when they go on sale around the holidays.
I love this set too for older elementary kids

Puzzles (we love sturdy Melissa & Doug ones) you can find used ones at once upon a child and mercari.

School House Rock! This was one of my favorite things to watch as a child and to this day I still song the songs. The 30th edition is amazing because it not only breaks it down by subject, but you have a ton of bonus features as well!

Liberty Kids (Revolutionary War cartoon series for kids) I found these at Goodwill. But there is a whole collection available! Check out your local library too

Magic School Bus – science cartoon series for kids, we have found the DVD for cheap on Mercari but it is also available for streaming
We use the magic school bus for Science clips and references a lot! You can also find the complete book series too

Alphabet and numbers magnetic letters–

Art supplies & how to drawing books

Playdough or moldable clay (keeps hands busy)

Word on the Street (a word game that is fun to play as a family or as part of school to enrich vocabulary and practice spelling)

Smart Farmer game – With 60 different challenges, Smart Farmer teaches spatial insight, planning, concentration, problem-solving, and flexible thinking.

Bedes History of Me – Bede is a timeline…who strongly resembles a ball of yarn. This lovable character introduces young children to the basics of timelines and history in a fun way. A few of the topics discussed include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, the history of toys, the history of sports, and more.

Show Me Science – slime crystals and more
This is a parents science kit to SHOW your kids science experiments. There are multiple ways for your kids to get engaged though
It will be messy; it will be time-consuming, but it will make your little one’s eyes sparkle!

Ticket to Ride (This is a game we like to play as a family in the evenings too! It is great for helping kid learn US Geography as well as processing skills)

Squirrels go nuts game – logic planning & strategy game for kids and the whole family

Free printable worksheets and activity ideas

Building thinking skills books.
These thinking skills books are among our favorites because of their tremendous scope. They develop four basic analytical skills (similarities/differences, sequences, classification, and analogies) through both figural and verbal problems.

Tenzi Game – dice game that can be played 77 different ways.

Alphabet Bingo – I like this set because it includes bingo chips with it! So any bingo game I print for any subject, we can play!

The Reading Lesson Book – designed for younger kids with a harder time paying attention.

Big Bananagrams– I love this set because the pieces are twice as big as the original! So it’s great for the younger learners and way easier to pick up!

Spelling U See curriculum – encourages visual memory rather than rote memory, there are no weekly spelling lists or tests and very little instructor preparation is required.


Remember homeschooling should be about spending time with your kids! Make every day an adventure and even the most minimalist approaches will have amazing outcomes.

Anything else you love that you would want to see on the list? Drop me a comment below!


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